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Mighty Gunvolt Burst - Boss Weaknesses

In Mighty Gunvolt Burst, the ELEMENT option on weapons allows you to target the weakness of bosses you encounter throughout the game. Each ELEMENT can be obtained by defeating one of the core 8 bosses and choosing the respective reward upon completing the level.

The below table indicates each level, its boss, its ELEMENT reward (if any), and its elemental weakness.

Location Reward Element Boss Weakness Element
Oil Platform HEAT Pyrogen PRESS
Water Works Bureau FREEZE Cryosphere HEAT
Power Plant SHOCK Dynatron SLICER
Radio Tower PRESS Aviator ANALYZER
Military Base IMPACT Battalion FREEZE
Highway SLICER Brandish SMASH
Capitol Building ANALYZER Countershade SHOCK
Gateway Enemy Beck SHOCK
Gateway Enemy Gunvolt PRESS
Gateway Fake Beck ALL
Subspace Briar Guardian HEAT, SLICER
Dystopia Plasma Legion SHOCK, ANALYZER
Cyberspace Colosseum Fake Player ALL
Cyberspace Colosseum Teseo (Robot) IMPACT, SMASH
Cyberspace Colosseum Teseo (Himself) FREEZE, ANALYZER
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