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Single Player Map Seeds

Diablo 2 (and Resurrected) support map seeds, which determine which map you will get, each time you play the game.

The way to use these seeds is to add -seed XXXXXXX to the launch options for Diablo 2. This will tell the game to use ONLY that map seed when playing single player.

Once you create a character with a given seed, they will keep it until the end of the difficulty. If you want to retain the progress you've made on the map, find the .map file named after your character and copy or rename it between difficulties. Keeping the -seed flag in your options can mess with loot, so try to use it only when starting new characters or changing difficulties, or your loot runs will start having the same loot, due to the way the game handles item seeding.

Each heading is the seed itself, and is the value you need to paste after -seed.


  • Lower Kurast has a lot of loot near the waypoint
  • The Forgotten Tower is near the waypoint in the Black Marsh
  • The Ancient Tunnels are near the waypoint in The Lost City
  • The stairs are 2 Teleports away on Durance of Hate Level 2
  • Worldstone Keep Level 2 and 3's stairs are close to each other

This seed is fantastic for doing loot runs. I've never seen all of this in one single map. Credit goes to TheOneExile for this amazing find.

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