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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

This is a fantastic adventure platforming game for the Playstation. It needs hardly any introduction, as it is the Vania portion of the Metroidvania genre.

Alucard's Starting Stats

The game begins with the player controlling Richter, and their performance in the first fight against Dracula determines the stats that Alucard starts with at the beginning of the game.

FIXME: get correct details on this

Alternate Characters

After beating the game once (or the save card contains a cleared save), you can enter certain names on the File Select screen to get different results in the game, for that file:

Name Effect
AXEARMOR Start with an Axe Lord Armor equipped, being able to play as the Axe Armor for as much of the game as possible.
RICHTER Start the game as Richter.
X-X!Y''Q Start the game in Luck Mode. Alucard has 99 LCK and bad stats in everything else. Similar to the Thief class in Circle of the Moon.
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