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These are the passcodes directly related to the game and story.

Allows Trace to read notes written in Sudran language.
Allows Trace to read notes written in Vykhyan language.
Reveals the pathway to the Flamethrower in the upper left part of Eribu.
Opens the pathway to a Power Node Fragment in the upper left part of Eribu. The passcode can be found by glitching the red pillar in this room. It can be translated by enabling REVEAL-SUDRAN.
Reveals a path to the Orbital Discharge weapon, found in the upper left corner of Eribu's lower left-most room. The passcode can be found by reading the message on the wall; the player will need to build a cipher out of existing Sudran text to decipher the message. Or just use the code. 8-)
Opens the way to the Quantum Variegator, found in the first large room in the lower right area of E-Kur-Mah. The passcode can be found by glitching the first green shrub-like enemy in the room. Once glitched, it will spell out the code on its sprite.

Effect Passcodes

These codes are used for simple effects that won't register as cheating within the game.

Plays music from the game. Range is 00-18, decimal.
Plays a cutscene from the game. :!: Save first since this may result in instability! :!: Range is 01-44, decimal.
This is a Metroid reference that changes Trace's outfit.

Cheat Passcodes

The codes here (and in the subsection below) will trigger "Cheat Mode", which will show up in the credits and block the player from getting trophies (PS4, Vita) and achievements (Steam, Xbox).

The Konami Code (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right)
Do this on the Title Screen and when you start a New Game, Trace will have the Passcode Tool as soon as he gets the Axiom Disruptor (your first item). Nifty!
Allows Trace to jump slightly higher. It's found in the credits.
Allows Trace to walk on water. This is based on a Game Genie code for Zelda 2, which is the same minus the AXIO part and does the same thing.

Parameter Passcodes

This type of passcode is similar to using a cheat device, like a Game Genie, GameShark, Code Breaker, or Action Replay. There are some limitations, but it allows the player to manipulate many aspects of the game. TehMillhouse's Passcode Generator is a great tool that obviates any attempt to list them out here.


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